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Who we are?

About Dixi Data

We have been able to solve complex data challenges by developing a passionate approach and dependable relationship with our clients, as we know not everyone speaks data.

We’ve focused on amassing technical theories and industry practices to deliver services and solutions. With the practical know-how, and our instincts, we are able to handle the gnarly data structures or wrangle the feral data sources but, more importantly, support and educate the business on the value of data to deliver strategic goals.

No matter where you may currently be on your data journey, there are always aspects you can mature that will produce solutions to maximise your data assets and services!

What we do?

Data Integration

Extract from your organisational systems to build communication highways or begin to centralise your data in a single system.

Data Consultancy

Understand how data flows within your business and where you could benefit from process management and improvements.

Data Modelling and Analytics

Structure your organisational data within a accessible platform and deliver value through deep technical analysis.

Data Migration

Transfer your data from internal legacy systems into new cutting edge technology stacks and cloud-based solutions.

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What is our data strategy?

Data Governance and Compliance

Utilising and safeguarding valuable data assets

Planning for better decision making and better data outcomes.

Different businesses exhibit different levels of operational maturity when using data. A strategy, no matter what the starting level, will help drive your business forward to achieve the data driven outcomes required. Data governance and compliance tasks need not be onerous but are critical to the on-going success and usage of data by the organisation, its customers, and suppliers.

Data Architecture

Terraforming into a data driven business

Engineer vital supporting structures for data usage, storage, and integrations.

Structuring your data lifecycle and formalising data journeys within the organisation is essential for a data driven business. Using an architectural discovery process will help identify business capabilities and drill down into the system complexity for the generation of physical and logical architecture models. A clearly articulated architecture helps the business uphold governance standards and understand operational data flows.

Data Transformation Programmes

Reshaping the data landscape

Reinvent your culture and behaviours, increase existing data performance, and generate innovative operational capabilities.

No matter the scale of your organisation, or the complexity of change required, utilisation of data services and best practices are needed to deliver operational growth. Business values implicitly influence how well the organisation can change, therefore having a transformation programme is key to delivering core strategic data objectives or building upon data assets to deliver modernisation.

Data Modelling and Analytics

Making informed decisions quickly

Unify and organise business data into a reportable format and start generating business insights.

Data models formalise and unite the reporting experience across disparate and diverse data sets. When the data model is shared with employees via a reporting and analytics platform, they can build, test, and share reporting insights. Decision making, based on reporting insights, can be further enhanced using extended analytical capabilities such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

What we use?


Some of the tools & languages we use

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