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Data Architecture

Terraform into a data driven business

Engineer vital supporting structures for data usage, storage, and integrations.

Structuring your data lifecycle and formalising data journeys within the organisation is essential for a data driven business. Using an architectural discovery process will help identify business capabilities and drill down into the system complexity for the generation of physical and logical architecture models. A clearly articulated architecture helps the business uphold governance standards and understand operational data flows.

Data Integrations

“How do I develop a data architecture in the business?”

Use discovery analysis to formally document the data lifecycles, data flows, all relevant current business processes, and identify operational gaps to scope the business architecture requirements.

high-level system diagram, workshops with business departments, interviews, gap analysis, rich pictures

“How do I make my systems adaptable for the future?”

Treat architecture development as an incremental change process as its will inevitably have to accommodate new systems and replace old processes in the future.

consider cloud solutions, modular implementation patterns, robust processes

“How do I handle growth in my architecture?”

Growth is foreseeable, the management of new diverse data sources can be incorporated into architectural plans, ahead of time, to reduce its negative impact.

annual reviews with feedback from users,
transformation programmes, storage monitoring

“How do I reduce costs in my architecture?”

Implement common design patterns to streamline processes and remove redundant applications and data.

consider cloud alternatives, build vs. buy comparisons, simplify processes for less overhead

“How can I improve business confidence in a platform of connected systems and data?”

Improve accessibility via centralisation and unification of data sources to support business decisions as the single source of truth.

transparent processes, increase business involvement with implementations, measure value added

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