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Data Transformation Programmes

Reshape the data landscape

Reinvent your culture and behaviours, increase existing data performance, and generate innovative operational capabilities.

No matter the scale of your organisation, or the complexity of change required, utilisation of data services and best practices are needed to deliver operational growth. Business values implicitly influence how well the organisation can change, therefore having a transformation programme is key to delivering core strategic data objectives or building upon data assets to deliver modernisation.

Data Integrations

“How do I know my organisation is making the best use of existing systems and processes?”

Measure existing systems and processes against strategic objectives to determine if training or system upgrades are required to improve operational processes.

workshops, interviews, work shadowing, bottleneck analysis, stakeholder analysis, modelling business processes

“How do I implement a data driven strategy across the organisation?”

Build a strong business case to structure the backbone of any transformation project and obtain stakeholder support so that it’s not just an aspirational approach by IT.

clear goals & objectives that are aligned with business strategy, costs and benefit analysis, celebrate successes, leverage available data sources

“How can I reduce operational risk on our processes?”

Perform system-wide analysis to understand the levels of risk exhibited while considering upgrades to improve existing solutions.

force-field analysis, risk analysis, disaster recovery processes, legacy system migrations, stress testing, change management

“How do I make data accessible to the business?”

Adopt a data driven strategy model that helps identify data currently unavailable to the business which new simple integrations could provide to the information systems.

low-code solutions, keep it simple principles, implement quick-wins

“How do I build trust in the data provided to the organisation?”

Ensure data is accurate, correct, and transparent via standards so stakeholders can be confident in making decisions based on accessible information and boost business engagement.

highlight wins, start simple, improve speed of delivery and data quality standards, log terms and definitions

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