Thirteen Data Horrors!

Dixi Data taking the fright out of your data woes!


“Help! I’ve created an uncontrollable data monster”

Frankenstein’s Monster

Bolting-on appendages to your legacy systems may have kept it alive and kicking, but have you developed a monster in the process? Don’t be afraid to perform system migrations into new technologies before its too late.



“I wish some of this data would just die already!”

The Reaper

Is the grim reaper working for or against you? Data deletion and obfuscation can be legal requirements, make sure you have the policies in place to help data pass over to the other side.


“Fee-fi-fo-fum I smell the blood of a bad data system”

The Giant

Old school data giants are no match for a modern technologies. Let us help slay your giant with a modern data stack.


“Where did my data go? It was there yesterday!”

The Alien

Alien abduction or wiped from the face of the earth? Let us track, protect, and set up an appropriate retention policy for your data.


“I never ever touch that system – its bad juju”

The Voodoo

Legacy systems from times past come with superstitions and are beset with mystery. Let us break the curse and liberate your data in a structured manner.


“The data rows been cut off at a vital part!”

The Severed Hand

Wondering where the rest of your data is? Data truncation errors can be common in load processes, make sure all your data arrives as expected with testing and reconciliation.



“It’s like Witchcraft! Where does all this data come from?”

The Witch

Break the spell of witches past, liberate the magic insight held in your organisations spreadsheets and free it to the cloud.


“My system is outputting strange data symbols…”

The Demon

We can talk in tongues! Let us bring clarity to your codepage hell by translating data into a format intended by the source.


“At the turn of a full moon, my data process turns into a beast”

The Werewolf

When overnight batch processes begin to transform and turn feral with bad data, its time to tame them with controlled inputs, robust monitoring and actionable alerts.


“My server stopped responding, is eating all my data, it’s going to kill my company”

The Zombie

Burdened with ever more data the zombie horde of legacy technology grows within your organisation. Let us execute a data transformation strategy.


“Oh my! I wish I’d never looked. My data store is a mysterious murky mess”

The Swamp Monster

Is your data landscape resembling more of a swampland bog than a crystal clear data lake? Clean up your environment with structured semantic layers designed for business users.


“Somebody swears they’ve seen some really useful data, but I can’t find it!”

The Sasquatch

Data silos can remain the stuff of local legend unless they are integrated into the wider data landscape. From folklore to fact, let us help you find and integrate all of your data assets.


“I need a bigger boat! I just can’t handle my data, it’s gonna sink me and then eat me!”

The Shark

Return to calm waters, let us help you navigate with a data strategy and get you into that bigger boat.

“We got this.”

Dixi Data

We slay data monsters for a living.

Icons by / CC BY